Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best time to plant?

Each season has its advantages, but I would have to say the fall would have to be the best time if you do not have an adequate sprinkler system. Rainfall is more plentiful in the fall therefore lending to plant livability.

2. Does your company landscape year round?

Yes. Winter sometimes slows the project but we are fortunate enough in Oregon to be blessed with an extended growing season and usually a lack of freezing.

3. Do you do design as well as design/build?

Of course it’s more enjoyable to see a project grow from concept to completion but we draw designs for the do-it-yourselfers as well. Designs are based on an hourly wage and can easily be quoted at a concept meeting.

4. Will landscaping increase the value of my house?

Trends see useable space spilling outside as well as the interior of the house. Not only is increased space more desirable, but also first impressions during resale can make selling your house much easier.

5. What is NW Natural?

The Northwest has a style all to itself. NW Natural borrows ideas from all design concepts while blending in natural plants from the northwest.

6. How can I create and intimate landscape?

When designing, intimacy is always something to consider. A well design garden holds both entertainment and “intimate” places. By creating space intimacy can be found.


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