living privacy screen, slate patio, hot tub


The Design Resource Group is committed to creating natural landscapes while having a positive impact on the environment.  We believe that you can build a beautiful landscape in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner, and do it well.  Here are  some examples of the practices that we have adopted to ensure your project is eco-friendly:

  • 4-Day Work Week- Reduces drive time and fuel consumption
  • Water-Efficient Irrigation Systems-We install smart irrigation controllers with weather and ET sensors on all of our irrigation systems.
  • Extensive Recycling Program-Implemented a greater recycling program to reduce jobsite waste
  • Pesticide and Chemical Free-Opting for organic solutions to fertilizers and pesticides
  • FSC certified Wood Products-All wood used in our projects is FSC certified, ensuring sustainable harvesting methods
  • LED Night Lighting– 75% more efficient than standard landscape lighting systems
  • Permeable Pavement Systems-We install aesthetically appealing hardscape  materials that create a more user-friendly environment while reducing runoff by 80% or more


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